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Fudbox Slim

Compact SMART Digital Vending Machine

A compact yet high capacity (similar capacity with FudBOX Standard) for products placement Machine. This is a machine that enables high product placement capacity and yet has a smaller physical space footprint compared to many other vending machines. FudBOX SLIM is a digital SMART Vending Machine that is being used to promote and sell any type of merchandise from foods to consumer products. This is a fully digital and cashless vending machine using eWallet payment (optional for Credit and Debit Card) with real time reporting through the web-portal.

Fudbox Slim specifications


  • 19" Touch Screen Vending Machine

  • Dimension - 193cm (H) x 88cm (L) x 83cm (W)

  • Power - 450W

  • Weight - 250kg

  • Capacity – Up to 270 pcs

  • Temperature – Chiller with 5℃~25℃ / Warmer up to 50℃ / Normal Temperature

  • Dispensing – Spring with drop for collection

Fudbox Slim

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