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Fudbox Slim

Compact SMART Digital Vending Machine

Introducing the FudBOX SLIM, a marvel in the vending machine supplier industry, offering the perfect balance between compact design and high-capacity product placement. Equally as efficient as the FudBOX Standard, this digital SMART vending machine is engineered for maximum utility in minimal space, setting a new standard for space-efficient vending machines in Malaysia.

Ideal for an array of items from food to consumer goods, the FudBOX SLIM is a versatile solution for businesses seeking to maximize product variety without the spatial demands typical of traditional vending options. This machine is at the forefront of the cashless vending machine trend, facilitating secure transactions via eWallet payments, with credit and debit card options available for added convenience. Additionally, its real-time reporting feature accessible through a web portal positions it as a leader among smart vending solutions, providing instant insights into sales performance and stock levels.

Fudbox Slim specifications


  • 19" Touch Screen Vending Machine

  • Dimension - 193cm (H) x 88cm (L) x 83cm (W)

  • Power - 450W

  • Weight - 250kg

  • Capacity – Up to 270 pcs

  • Temperature – Chiller with 5℃~25℃ / Warmer up to 50℃ / Normal Temperature

  • Dispensing – Spring with drop for collection

Fudbox Slim

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