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Freezer SMART Digital Vending Machine

Introducing FudTEC's frozen food vending machine, a compact, insulated vending machine designed for optimal frozen product storage. As a leading vending machine supplier, FudTEC combines sleek design with functionality, offering a digital cashless vending machine that accepts eWallet and card payments.

Coupled with real-time reporting accessible via a comprehensive web portal, operators are equipped with immediate insights into sales data and inventory status, optimizing management and operational efficiency.

a sketch picture of fudtec vending machine with the measurements


  • 27" Touch Screen Vending Machine

  • Dimension – 229cm (H) x 175cm (L) x 107cm (W)

  • Power - 1700W

  • Weight - 600kgCapacity – Up to 200 pcs

  • Temperature: -10℃~25℃ 

  • Dispensing – Carriage to pick up area for collection


Fudtec Freezer in a airport launge lounge with healthy snacks

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