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Discover the FudBOX Ultra Slim, the perfect affordable combo vending machine designed for seamless integration into small spaces. This compact vending machine doesn’t compromise on functionality, offering full-scale service comparable to larger models, ideal for aspiring vending machine entrepreneurs and merchants with limited space.

We are recognized as a leading vending machine supplier, bringing you the FudBOX Ultra Slim as a standout product in our digital vending solutions lineup. This machine is at the forefront of cashless transaction technology, primarily operating as a cashless vending machine with eWallet payment, while also providing options for credit and debit card payments. Its innovative real-time reporting feature, accessed through a dedicated web portal, streamlines inventory management and sales tracking for optimal operational efficiency.

3 smart vending machine in one frame


  • 19" Touch Screen Vending Machine

  • Dimension - Front - H: 1800mm* W870mm. Side- H: 1810mm* W: 850mm

  • Power - 400W, 110V-240V, 50/60HZ

  • Weight - About 160KG

  • Capacity – 180-430 bottles/canned beverage

  • Temperature – Need Compressor

  • Dispensing – Spring with drop for collection

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