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Fudroid AI Vending machine

Artificial Intelligent (AI) Vending Machine

The first of its kind in Malaysia and state-of-the-art technology machine is fully unmanned where consumers can purchase any product from this machine without any human contact while maintaining the actual and physical consumer buying experience. It is based on OTP concept where the consumer:

  • Open – Opening the Machine Door

  • Take – Touch, Feel and Take the Product

  • Purchase – Pick up the item to purchase

 A person standing in front of a Fudtec food vending machine, selecting a healthy drinks


  • Dimension - 220cm (H) x 70cm (L) x 68cm (D)

  • Power - 200W

  • Weight - 300kg

  • Capacity – Up to 192pcs

  • Temperature - 3℃~10℃

  • Screen - Interactive Screen (for Advertisement)

  • Payment method – Credit and Debit Card

A Fudtec AI vending machine with a variety of bottled beverages on display, including water, soda, and juice, located in the lobby of a corporate office building

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