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Fudbox Standard & Locker

FudBOX Standard + Locker 
2 in 1 SMART Digital Vending Machine

A vending machine design with combination of function of normal vending machine and locker type to cater for all range of products. The versatility of the machine that cater from normal beverages and snacks to larger size products through the locker system. This is a fully digital and cashless vending machine using eWallet payment (optional for Credit and Debit Card) with real time reporting through the web-portal.

a sketch picture of fudtec vending machine with the measurements


  • 21.5" Touch Screen Multifunction with Locker Vending Machine

  • Dimension – 191cm (H) x 117cm (L) x 86cm (W)

  • Power - 380W

  • Weight - 350kg

  • Capacity – Up to 300 pcs

  • Temperature – Chiller with 5℃~25℃ / Warmer up to 50℃ / Normal Temperature (Locker is Normal temperature)

  • Dispensing – Spring with drop for collection while locker is open and take the product

Fudbox Standard & Locker

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