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Locality is one of the most important factors in any retail business. It is the same for the sale of products through vending machines. Each type of location has its pro and con as well as depending on the amenities around the location. Some suggested locations.

office building


One of the ideal locations for vending machines especially for more remote office building which has less amenities. Even within the building, the placement of the machine is important, which at the lobby will give the maximum exposure that will increase the sale of products as compared to the placement at any other areas within the building. Sales will be at an optimum during working day and expect to drop during weekend and public holidays.

Condominium and Apartments


A good location, especially high-density condo and apartment with less amenities around. Best location to place vending machine within the building will be near the post box area, food delivery counter or sometimes at the facilities floor. Sales will be all year round and the optimum sales during the day will depend on the type of products and locality of the machine placement within the building.



A good location for beverages, snacks or even stationary items for sale especially if they have a large compound area. The vending machine will be a great compliment to the existing cafeteria or even convenient shop because the machine operates 24 hours and can be strategically placed at locations which is nearer to the students where they don’t have to walk far if they need food and drinks.

commercial area


The ground floor of certain busy commercial area is an ideal location for vending machine due to the high traffic walkway. The products offered in the machine will become a key focal point to attract the passerby to buy from the machine because the area will be already have convenient shop as well as well established restaurant. Saleable Product(s) which does not offered by retail shops or restaurant around will greatly improved the sales in the machine.



A good location for daily and all year long business especially during public holidays and school holidays. A location not only good to sell beverages and snacks but also certain hygiene products as well as off the shelf medication for hotel guest usage. An ideal hotel to place the machine will be those hotels which are further away from convenient shops.

The above are the general areas or locations which are common for vending machines placement. Contact us to learn more of uncommon area(s) or specific locations which are good for vending machine business that will improve the product sales.

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